Residences designed to make the everyday extraordinary.


Based in Westchester County, we cover all of it's cities, towns and communities. Boasting some of the top school districts in the country, Westchester, NY is a highly desired area for families, businesses and individuals alike. 

With over 30 years of experience, we offer full services to meet all your needs. Whether you speak English or Chinese, we listen to your needs so that we can find the perfect location for your home or business. 




More than just housing.


Westchester is more than just a handful of towns and cities - it's a community, and any great community provides the best in amenities for their inhabitants. With public pools, stores, restaurants and shopping centers, Westchester includes some of the finest establishments in the country. 





Cozy cafes and Starbucks are aplenty in Westchester. Find whatever suits your tastes just minutes away from your door. 

Public Pools


Public pools are available in every major town in Westchester, providing an outlet for adults and kids alike. 




Some of the best restaurants in New York can be found in Westchester County. Whether it is 5 star French cuisine or a hole in the wall Thai spot, there are choices for every type of foodie out there. 



The Westchester Mall headlines this category but there are small shops and stores everywhere. Take a step out and explore your local town and those nearby. 

Living it up in Westchester.


In Westchester, you'll never feel fenced in or stuck in the suburbs. With New York City a stones throw away, there is always something to do or somewhere to go. Enjoy the peaceful living in Westchester County with all the luxuries and activities it has to offer.